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JDA in the Classroom

This page offers examples of in-class usage of the JDA or other disaster-related digital tools.You may use resources available in this page to think about ways to incoporate the archive into your teaching and/or school curriculum. If you have used JDA to teach a course or have incorporated it into a part of course you have taught or are going to teach, please share with!  



History and Anthropology 1923 "Japan's 2011 Disasters and Their Aftermath: A Workshop on Digital Research"
Instructors: Theodore C. Bestor, Andrew Gordon, Kyle Parry and Ryo Morimoto 

Supplimentary Reading List

Group User Account: 2011Disasters (in 2016) and 1923 seminar (in 2013) 


Example Collections from 2013: "Nuclear Protest Music 原発と音楽" by Jewelianne Houllette,

"Shelters 避難所:釜石" by Max Harrison, "Meg-Twitter Data and Hope."


From 2016: "Innovative reconstruction practice" by Yun Shi, "Yakuza" by Sara Kang,

"Disaster and Gender Relationships" by Wenting Qin, "Manga & Disaster" by Asencios Ash,

"Oversea Students Funding Raising for 3/11 Earthquake" by Gabby Chen, and

"Women in Disaster," Juhee Kang 



ENVS/JPN/EAS 275 "Nature and Culture in Japan" Instructor: Cheryl A. Crowley 

Group User Account: Nature and Culture in Japan/ Emory Students


Example Collections: "Minamata Disease" by Xun He, "Forecasting Disasters" by Hyun Ki Kim 

"Post-Tsunami Ecological Destruction and Restoration of Japanese Coastal Ecosystems" by Riley Book,

"The Spreading of Tsunami Debris" by Paris Wagner, and "Art after the Disaster" by Hannah Kim



東北大学災害科学国際研究所 (IRIDeS)

Septermber 2017 

Example Collections: "Tohoku Earthquake and Media" by Akira Seino,  "Disaster Tourism" by Potsawat Boojaipetch,

"Exhibitions about the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in Museums" by Hiroshi Tetsuka, and

"お地蔵さん" by Janice Ni.


September 2016 Report 

"Using Harvard’s Digital Archive of Japan's 2011 Disasters: Student Collaboration and Exchange

Example Collections: "ふるさと納税" by Yu Wang


September 2015 Report  

Using the Digital Archive of Japan’s 2011 Disasters in the Classroom: Collaboration between Tohoku University and Harvard University

Example Collections: "津波記念碑・伝承と教訓" by Yuya Matsuoka(松岡祐也),

"religious activities and mental care" by Shun Gong, and "基礎ゼミマイコレクション." 



Example Collections: "10+1 Web site," "ドイツニュースダイジェスト," "中国的YOUTUBE,"

"初音ミク・Miku Hatsune," "The Japan Association for Women's Education・日本女子学習財団," and

"Kumamoto Earthquake: THE PAGE."