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Research Using JDA

Here is a list, with links, of some research projects which have used the JDA.  This is not an exhaustive list  If you have completed a project you would like to list here, please contact

Mapping the JDArchive: Fukushima, Twitter and the Politics of Disaster Communications

An analysis of tweet data in the JDA by the group from the Digital Methods Summer School in 2014. The Digital Methods School is part of the Digital Methods Initiative (DMI), Amsterdam, dedicated to developing methods for Internet-related research. 

The full details of the project can be found here and the project presentation can be found here

Team members

Carolin Gerlitz, Eleonora Grotto, Patty Jansen, Lisa Madlberger, David Moats, Irina Papazu, Simeona Petkova,

Antonin Segault, Anna Skarpelis, Rebekah Tromble, Fernando van der Vlist, Arnoud Zwemmer